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2010 Pictures

Christmas Photo Shoot

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2010 Christmas Letter with BIG NEWS found here

2011 Pictures






JAN First snow of the year MAY Hiking the AT with Grandma SEP Fun in the sun & at the beach
FEB Fun family times MAY 4-Year Old Birthday Party SEP Visit to NJ with friends & family
FEB Valentine's Day Photo Shoot MAY Preschool Graduation SEP First day of school
MAR Jacob's Bar Mitzvah in NJ MAY All the rest OCT photos
MAR Visiting with NJ Friends JUNE photos NOV 2-Year Old Birthday Party
MAR Preschool field trip JULY 4th of July parade and fun NOV Fall Photo Shoot
MAR All the rest JULY Myrtle Beach Trip NOV All the rest
APR Easter pictures JULY All the rest DEC Presents and Fun
APR Goodbye to Daddy for a little while AUG Sea World, San Antonio, TX DEC Hiking & Playing with Grandma
APR Nana & Papa Visit & the Beach AUG Nana & Papa's house DEC Christmas Photo Shoot
APR Strawberry Picking AUG All the Rest DEC Nonnie's house
APR All the rest DEC Sisters in San Antonio